Trevor Noah: World leaders who dropped Biden will answer Trump’s phone call

Perhaps without a comedy bit, Joe Biden’s incompetent leadership is not revealed to the general public Daily show Host Trevor Noah starred Wednesday, in stark contrast to what Biden lacked from the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Noah was talking about how the US boycott of Russian oil has forced Biden to call on the leaders of the countries above, as well as Venezuela, to urge them to sell more oil to the United States to meet the current energy deficit. Unfortunately for Biden, Middle East leaders even refused to answer his phone call.

What would have been their reaction if Trump had been in the White House, as opposed to refusing to talk to Noah Biden?

There is no denying that Saudi Arabia is not playing ball with Joe Biden. And you know what? You can say whatever you want, but in the case of Donald Trump, it never happened. Never. No one has ever ignored the call of Donald Trump. If you ignore Donald Trump’s call, you don’t know how he will respond. Maybe he sent an angry tweet, or maybe he wanted to ban your country from everything. You don’t know

That’s why I bet in this situation, Biden really wants him to run for office as President’s wild card. You know what Just put everyone on their toes. ‘Because if Trump calls, you best believe the UAE – they’ll run to pick up the phone.

“Ah, Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump, we’re here, we’re here, hello? “

“Too late, Ahmed, you forced me to wait two rings. We’re bombing the UAE and the UFC, just in case. “

It was a very funny yet brutal portrayal of Biden’s ineffectiveness against Trump in the popular media. So brutal that it could be played as part of a very effective campaign ad against Biden in 2024 … or even this year.

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