True the Vote Damming Wisconsin will reveal the ballot trafficking investigation

An all-star cast of electoral integrity experts, investigators and constitutional lawyers appeared for a WI press conference on the afternoon of March 16th. They have shown various forms of 2020 election fraud in Wisconsin. Jefferson E. Davis led the team with a strong and passionate presentation. At one point he suffocated in annoyance, almost in tears, revealing that members of his own deceased family had been placed on the WI voter list. Jefferson dropped the bomb shortly afterwards.

“We have video footage of the ballot drop box. We have cell phone ping data. True the Vote combines the two. They will share their Wisconsin information on Thursday, March 24th. The game is over for Wisconsin. “

They have video footage of them being photographed so that “Democrats can pay for each ballot.” Many harvesters have come forward to reveal who gave them the ballot, instructed them in the box and paid them. Davis says; “We have people who don’t want to go to jail for Joe Biden.”

It’s not clear at this point what they have from Wisconsin, but True the Vote has released footage of ballot smugglers from other warring states and they are working with Dinesh D’Souza on an upcoming documentary on 2020 election fraud.

The campaign and election committee has announced this. It will be a public hearing.

Press Conference Presenter:
Jefferson E. Davis – Former Menomony Falls Village President
Shawn Smith – Retired US Air Force Colonel (Election Security)
Daniel J. Eastman – WI Attorney (Voter Rolls)
Dr. Doug Frank – Census and Information Scientist
John C. Eastman – Constitutional Attorney
Representative Timothy Ramthun – (R) CampbellSport (AJR 120)
Others: Evan Wricklin, David Jose, Josh Burnett

Earlier in the day, the group met in a closed-door meeting with Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Voss to discuss the damage. Later, Voss stated that he had no interest in the resolution (AJR 120) or other desertification efforts. He believes there was widespread fraud in 2020, but he wants Republicans to focus on future elections for the government and the State AG. “We do not have the power to postpone the 2020 elections unilaterally,” he said. It can’t be. ” He has officially surrendered to the fraud of democracy!

Brilliant Constitutional Attorney John Eastman embarrassed Voss during a press conference. He has provided numerous lawsuits and explained precedents. He said the desertification only depends on the state legislature, Buck stops with them. Eastman says this full legal capacity is right in the constitution. It is the same when Congress proposes to add an amendment to the constitution but states want to approve it. This decision depends on the legislature of each state. No one else, not even a governor, is involved.

Many Wisconsin counties agree with Eastman and want to play it on the court. Of the 64 counties that have an organized Republican party, 56 have passed a resolution It was handed to House Speaker Voss and Senate Republicans at a statewide GOP meeting Wednesday night. These counties want a “complete forensic physical and cyber audit. We will not stop until you have completed it.”

There are 92,000 people in Wisconsin any-day nursing home with 1,121 locations. Davis said: “The Democrats, their workers and the big tech billionaires have said who cares. Let’s steal their votes. Let’s take away their dignity and their identity. They have stolen the votes of our weakest people in this state. Democrats say we don’t care. “

The team is also investigating motives behind the bizarre behavior of many WI elected officials who have publicly lied, blocked investigations and more. The party believes that this is happening for three reasons – personal (dirty, ego), professional (financial), or political (quid proco). They believe that a more in-depth investigation will yield results from the relationship of many WI officials to the National Assembly of the State Legislature. Millions of dollars flow from this group.

The investigation further revealed that the people of the Zuckerbox grant had handed over an aforementioned story to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which will be published on July 6, 2020 at noon. Journalists Mary Spicuza and Patrick Marley did and published what they were told (copy / paste). The five big quotes from Wisconsin recipients were told not to publish after 12:30 PM so that Sentinel could first review and publish.

Wisconsin mayors, clerks, and commissars have all done what they were told. Within hours, local NBC15, WeAreGreenBay, SpectrumNews1 and others had the story “Covid Election Grant”. This article has started brainwashing Wisconsin residents. But all was false. The grants were used to target voters, not support Kovid.

The press conference had at least 9 large news crew type cameras. Like many WI investigation events in the past, you won’t find the full video of the event online. They don’t want people to explain the evidence. What you find within hours is that Yahoo News, CBSNews, USA Today affiliates and local WI sites push abusive articles. They must do better to come up with these credible explanations. Volunteers who can post on all platforms should make their own video (with good words) immediately available. Hat tip to patriot David Jose for cell phone footage.

Post Report: True the Vote Damming Wisconsin Ballot Trafficking Investigation Results Will Be Revealed

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