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(KYIV, Ukraine) – U.S. award-winning photographer and filmmaker Brent Rand, 50, was shot and killed near a front line in Ukraine on Sunday.

Andrei Nebitov, a law enforcement official in Kiev, posted pictures of Mr. Rand’s body, the New York Times badge and passport on social media. Mr Nabitov blamed Russian troops for the killings and said other journalists had been injured.

The New York Times denies that Reynolds has covered Ukraine for the paper in the past though.

Agence France-Presse reports that one of their journalists found the body of Mr. Renad.

Mr Renaud was traveling through a checkpoint in the Irvine suburb of Kyiv, with American photographer Jan Aredondo, who was shot in the upper thigh, and then taken to a hospital in Kiev. He is currently in stable condition.

In an Instagram video posted by the hospital, Aredondo described their ordeal.

“We crossed the first bridge in Irpin,” Mr Aredondo said. “We were going to see pictures of all the refugees leaving, and we got in a car. Someone offered to take us to another bridge. We cross a checkpoint, and they start firing at us. So the driver turned around, and they started firing. It was the two of us. My friend Brent Rand, and he was shot. “

“He was shot in the neck, and we were torn apart,” Mr Aredondo said in the video, which was verified.

Mr Reynolds was working on a global refugee crisis project for Time Studios in Ukraine, according to a statement from Time Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal and Time Studio chief Ian Orpheus.

“Our hearts go out to Brent’s loved ones,” they said “It is imperative that journalists be able to safely cover the ongoing aggression and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.”

“We are devastated by the loss of Brent Rand. As an award-winning filmmaker and journalist, Brent often faced the toughest stories in the world with his brother Craig Rand. “

A New York Times spokesman said in an email that the newspaper was “deeply saddened by the news of Brent Rand’s death.”

Mr. Rand and his brother, Craig, won the 2014 Peabody Award for a vice news documentary serving at-risk students at a school in Chicago.

Brent Rand was a Niemann Fellow of Harvard University.

Ann Marie Lipinski, curator of the Neiman Foundation at Harvard University, Said on Twitter. “He was killed outside Kiev today, and the world and journalism are no exception. We are heartbroken. “

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