Ukraine’s Border Guard has arrested two Chinese nationals on child trafficking charges

The Ukrainian State Border Guard, which manages the flow of refugees, posted an update on their official Facebook feed that confirmed rumors that two Chinese nationals had been detained for trying to leave the country with Ukrainian children.

“Two Chinese nationals with two small children tried to walk from Ukraine to Romania. There were no documents for the children, “the post reads.

“Foreigners could not answer where the children came from. Now, the issue will be raised by the national police. “

Ukrainians have expressed their outrage on social media, citing detailed reports of unaccounted for orphans, saying they feared they had fallen victim to human traffickers. There are 75,000-200,000 orphans somewhere in Ukraine, depending on the source.

Others point out that due to the ongoing war, it is now “impossible to obtain documentation” for legitimate biological children born in surrogacy, and the art is quite popular with Chinese visitors.

Commercial surrogacy, or, as Ukrainian corporations describe it, fertility tourism, is a lucrative legal industry. Ukrainian women are paid $ 17,500- $ 25,000 to become surrogates for foreigners. Hundreds of surrogate children are currently trapped in facilities run by the Biotexcom Center for Human Reproduction in blockaded cities like Ukraine.

Some Americans, who tried to adopt before the attack, have struggled to obtain asylum documents for their children and to be deported.

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