Ukrainian military strikes at Russian-controlled airports; The two are talking

Kherson, Ukraine. – Ukraine’s military strike has taken Russian military equipment to Kherson International Airport.

New satellite images from Planet Labs show huge plumes of smoke rising from the airport in the southeastern Ukrainian city. At least three Russian military helicopters have been set ablaze or destroyed at the airport.

Military vehicles were also attacked. It comes at a time when Russia is stepping up its attacks on Ukraine and occupying the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address a joint session of Congress this morning. Following Biden, President Biden is expected to address the gathering.

President Biden will visit Brussels, Belgium next week to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said Biden would attend a NATO meeting and a summit with the European Council. He told reporters that the president would reiterate America’s iron-clad commitment to NATO allies as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine.

Saki said the president and other NATO leaders would “assess where we are” in response to the Russian attack. He argued that tougher global sanctions were crippling the Russian economy.

Talks between Russia and Ukraine are “ongoing”. This is according to a Ukrainian negotiator who tweeted that Ukraine is still pushing for a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops. The fourth round of talks began on Monday but ended on Tuesday.

Russian media reported late Monday that there would be daily discussions.

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