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Posted: March 16, 2022 12:01 AM

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The economic downturn is now a major concern for most Americans, who are now increasingly looking at empty shelves and cold sweats at the thought of filling their gas tanks. Inflation is at a 40-year high and the White House has responded by setting a new high in the ‘economic blame index’ and there is no end to it. America’s supply chain through domestic workers, resources and production. Congress is already working to help the United States regain its former undisputed leadership in semiconductors, acknowledging that reliance on foreign manufacturers threatens America’s economic and national security. Lawmakers are also calling for greater domestic energy production, as oil prices have risen more than 70 percent in 12 months and are likely to go even further with the destabilizing effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These are important steps, and this lesson underscores that price stability and a secure supply chain are important components of long-term economic strength. This is a call to avoid over-reliance on foreign producers if there is a vibrant, competitive and available industry here at home. Surprisingly, there is still a call for America to surrender a key component of our food supply to foreign suppliers. The debate over U.S. sugar policy is not new, but has become a flashpoint for trade policy for those who will leave American industry and its thousands of workers for the benefit of short-term gains, trading short-term short-term gains. Pain. Currently some US food manufacturers are arguing that they are paying too much for sugar because of US policy which limits the amount of foreign sugar imported. If it were true that foreign competitors could supply better than thousands of farmers in the United States at lower prices in the open market then there would be no problem of controversy. But the myths of food producers surrounding American sugar policy are dangerously simple and self-serving, and have absolutely nothing to do with fair and open trade. Sugar, by far, is the most corrupt and perverted global food product, the major sugar producer. Countries like India, China, Bra.

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