USA Today: ‘No easy answer’ to define what a woman is

As part of the Left’s relentless and tumultuous efforts to redefine gender and gender, USA Today On Thursday, Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn responded in part to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown’s definition of Jackson. “What is a woman?” Forcibly “There is no easy answer to science.” Or “Enough way” To identify if someone is a woman.

In other words, forget your genitals and genetics because anyone can be a woman. And, as the piece argues, you are not only a sexist to question it, but it is the latest incarnation of insulting women during the period of slavery.

Reporter Alia E. Dastagir, in an article in the “Health and Wellness” section of the paper with the headline, deems it worthwhile to go this route: “Marsha Blackburn asked Ketanji Brown Jackson to define ‘woman’. There is no simple answer to science. “

Within about 1,200 words, Dastagir’s ominous statement served as a reminder that for all left wax, the only poetic, acceptable versions of truth, science, and truth are the self-worshiping views that some people imagine, even if they are. You ignore the basic physiology you learned in middle school.

Dastagir weighed in even before the actual article, writing in the “Key Points” section “[t]There is no adequate way to define what makes a woman. “

The article itself begins with a summary of what both Blackburn and Jackson said, including how the question came up in American politics and sports, including Leah Thomas Saga, when transgenderism became a flash point.

Shortly afterwards, Dastagir consulted with academics (including “philosophers”) about things that were rare and came up with the idea that Even “a skilled biologist” cannot give “a definite answer” or a woman because “there is no sufficient way” since “there is so much diversity.”

Dastagir then quoted a Gender Studies professor at Left Bernard College who praised Jackson for not answering. “Science” Can’t “Offer a simple, definite answer.”

In the next section, it is made worse by the erroneous argument of accepting Dastagir “A simple binary” Oh their limbs cause for male vs. female based determination “The reality, gender experts say, is more complicated.”

There is no “single ‘biological’ answer to Bernard Professor’s claim.” USA Today Hack explained that there are “six different biological markers” in the body “No” everyone has to “align” (Click “Extend”):

“There is no single ‘biological’ answer to the definition of a woman. There is no single biological answer to the question ‘what is a woman’,” says Jordan-Young.

There are at least six different biological markers of “sex” in the body: genitals, chromosomes, gonads, internal reproductive structures, hormone ratios, and secondary sex characteristics. Jordan-Young says none of the six is ​​strictly bifurcated and the different markers do not always come together.

Sarah Richardson, a Harvard scholar, historian and biology philosopher who focuses on the sciences of sexuality and gender and the dimensions of their principles, says Jackson’s answer accurately reflects legal practice. Although U.S. law remains a volatile field for the concept and definition of sexuality, it is often based on biological evidence and the classification of sex in logic.

But like Jordan-Young, Richardson emphasized that biology does not provide a simple or single answer to the question of what defines a woman.

Dastagir took things to a racial level, similar to those who questioned the femininity of anyone (i.e. Leah Thomas was not a woman) who supported slavery and thus saw African-American women as property rather than women.

Of course, the late Phyllis Schlafly also had to disrupt their funhouse (click “expand”):

The women’s category has been competing politically for a long time. She said black women are not always welcome in the category. Although the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote, for decades, many black women were excluded from applying it. During the Jim Crow, there will be bathrooms labeled “male”, “female” and “colorful”. The long-standing view of white supremacy denies recognition to women as black women and women of color.

Williams said one can also look back to the era of Philis Schlaffley, an attorney and activist and the face of conservative women in the 1970s who argued against the Equal Rights Amendment, which would make gender-based discrimination unconstitutional. Williams said Schlafley believed that the role of women as housemaids was fundamental to how women’s classification was defined.

“There was an attempt to define femininity in a very specific way around the role of motherhood and upbringing and it was suggested that a society where women’s rights and opportunities are equal to men’s would lead to a genderless, gender-neutral society,” she said. . “In other words, if women stop behaving like women, they will stop being women.”

The search for Sodom and Gomorrah would not be complete without a division to protect Thomas, so Dastagir grabs: “Gender scholars and trans activists argue that critics focus on the appointment of Thomas as male at birth as the only reason for his superiority.”

Zooming out to shut things down, Dastagir reiterated his curved thesis that “no one can legislate science” although he and his so-called experts insisted that science does not actually solve it (completely unnecessary). Forward about gender.

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