Victor Davis Hanson warns elites – “Cyclone will soon be over

The elite are in deep trouble.

Victor Davis Hanson has issued a stern warning to them against the catastrophic policy they have formulated.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote in American Greatness that the aristocracy “will soon cut through a whirlwind of angry crowds.”

He noted that the American people were tired of the “incompetence, arrogance and ignorance” of the elite.

American greatness:

November 2022 Midterm, we probably have a historic “No!” Let’s see. The Orthodox leftist agenda that sustains inflation, incalculable power, war, and humiliation abroad, growing crime, racial animosity এবং and arrogant disobedience from those who deliberately formulate these catastrophic policies.

What it will replace will be a return until recently worked.

Only closed and secure borders, including legal and measured immigration, will be returned. Americans will demand strict policing and preventive punishment, and a return to unification and the predominance of individual character, rather than a separatist stance on “the color of our skin.”

The public will move away from biased and moderate “mainstream” media. We will see greater increased production of oil and natural gas so that we can gradually transform into a broader power, a stronger national defense and a more resilient foreign policy.

The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind and they will soon cut through the whirlwind of an angry mob, overwhelmed by aristocratic incompetence, arrogance and ignorance.

President Donald Trump has become more popular as the elite become less popular. Trump is currently the most popular political leader in the United States.

He is more popular than the radical left and Rhino.

2024 is coming!

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