Victory of Love: Columnist FLA Celebrates Tornado Heating Home of ‘Gay’ Bill Writer

There is no wrath of hell. A gay activist is unable to spread his doctrine. He will be a hater. He will speak hatefully and will suffer those who do not agree with him. He could, for example, celebrate the destruction of a state legislator’s house and point it out to a God he does not believe in (wonder!).

That’s what Michael J. Stern did. He is an opinion columnist USA Today And many other tolerant, leftist papers. On Saturday, a tornado hit Okala, Fla. Among the buildings was the home of Republican State Republican Joe Harding, author of the state’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, which has LGBT public outcry.

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill has been unfairly dubbed by the media, prohibiting FLA teachers from discussing or teaching sexuality to children between the ages of five and eight. It is a kind of aggression against the rights of homosexuals. Apparently grooming is a first amendment right.

In response to Stern’s tweet at Harding’s home news, Love Vince was positive about what we’ve come to expect from the Gestapo:

I’m not a believer, but the tornado that broke the house of the author of the Florida “Don’t Say Gay” law is forcing me to reconsider.

Hey, Joe Harding (@ Josephbirding), God thinks you’re a rotten orthodoxy and you’ve just hit the bitch.

– Michael J. Stern (@ MichaelJStern1) March 16, 2022

“Rotten orthodoxy.” There seems to be a lot of that around. Of course, USA Today The Trans-Industrial Complex has committed itself completely adulterated, so there is not much self-awareness or terminological accuracy around that “newspaper”.

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