Video: The media will never blame Biden for the price of gas

The bad news for anyone still hopes that the media will finally start blaming Biden for record-breaking gas prices and inflation: it won’t happen.

For months, the media’s talk of skyrocketing fuel costs has been locked in by the Biden administration’s own faults, and there is no sign of reversing that trend.

Note that towards the end of 2021, the administration met with top network executives to train them on how to frame their economic coverage. Shortly after those meetings ended, CNN started running Daily News Brief About “Pump Relief”, where the anchors tried to excite their viewers about a passing three-cent drop in the average national gasoline price.

Fast-forward to late February 2022, when the so-called “pump relief” evaporated and the price rose above $ 4 per gallon. The media quickly blamed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, just as the Biden administration tried to coin the term “Putin’s price increase.”

The White House has since gone on to blame the gas companies, and see, the compliant talking heads on CNN and MSNBC have suddenly become fascinated by the price increase. It’s all so terribly predictable.

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