Walking and talking on the phone is dangerous

Walking and talking on the phone is dangerous to health

According to many fitness instructors, walking and talking on the phone are dangerous to health. Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala said the habit of walking with one hand waving while talking on the phone is bad for health. We know that mobile phones are the most important thing in our lives.

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All the time we and the people around us spend a lot of time on mobile phones. To communicate with their family and friends, people are talking on the phone while walking. This is a common practice that is observed every day. Experts also say that when walking and talking on the phone with someone, the swing can cause muscle imbalance and can lead to poor posture.

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Even fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala has posted a video of physical therapist Hemakshi Basu. He is explaining the reason behind this unhealthy habit.

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Why is it unhealthy to walk and talk on the phone?

Walking and talking on the phone creates an imbalance between the front diagonal chain and the posterior diagonal chain. The oblique muscles are the anterior oblique chains. Dr. Basu suggests some exercises to create balance aimed at overcoming the muscle imbalances that are created due to unhealthy habits of walking and talking on the phone.

Lift the buttocks up and a few inches from the mat. Also lifts the legs and opposite hands. Which are pushed against each other. Repeating each exercise for 2-3 seconds can bring balance. Doing these steps with both hands and feet can create difficulties.

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