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In a newly released video from 2020, Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock (Ga.) Says the United States must move away from using fossil fuels and is open to discussing a carbon tax to get there.

Warnock was interviewed by Georgia Conservation Voters Executive Director Brian McCarkley when asked if he supported the Carbon Tax Act, according to a video posted on YouTube on May 1, 2020.

“I think we need to move away from an economy that is based on fossil fuels, a path to the past and we need to move into the future,” Warnak said. “The tax problem and how much, it’s a conversation I think I want to take part in, and I’ll bring my values ​​and commitment to get there in the conversation.”

The video, used as part of an ad campaign for a Super PAC 34N22 supporting Warner’s Republican rival Herschel Walker, comes as Warnock has sought to position himself as a moderator on energy issues between Georgia and the United States over skyrocketing gas prices. .

Georgia gas prices hit an all-time high this week, according to the AAA. The average price of a gallon of regular gas reached 4. 4.28 on Tuesday, up from বছরের 2.72 last year. Along with rapid inflation, gas prices have been rising for months, and the spike has been accelerated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In response to the increase, Warnock and a handful of other politically weak Democrats have pushed for a gas tax holiday to temporarily reduce prices for consumers.

The move is a change for Warnock, who in August voted against lifting the Biden administration’s ban on domestic oil and gas production on federal soil and more than once against moving forward with the Keystone XL pipeline.

A spokesman for Warnak has maintained a record of his strength.

“Senator Warnock is currently leading the effort to suspend the federal gas tax to reduce costs for Georgians and Americans,” said Meredith Brasher, Warnock’s director of communications. Washington Free Beacon.

34N22, the pro-Republican Super PAC unveiled the video Free Beacon That would highlight Warner’s comments as part of a “six-digit digital ad purchase.”

Stephen Lawson of 34N22 said, “Rafael Warnak helped kill the Keystone Pipeline and the development of American power. As a result, Georgia’s gas prices have risen and our country may lose its energy independence.” “It is clear that this was part of his extremist, far-left agenda from the beginning. When the Georgians look at the meter at the pump’s skycar and fight to get gas in their car, they know exactly who to blame – and they know why Warnock isn’t working. “

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