We have no idea if Hunter Biden received a ton of money from China and Russia-India

(Washington DC) – We’ve recently learned that the huge group of “Intel experts” who signed a letter in 2020 declaring the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop to be Russian misleading, all fell into a sudden case of amnesia or laryngitis. Not even a confession by the venerable New York Times that the story seemed legitimate seemed to help awaken their memories or loosen their tongues.

The New York Post, which first verified and broke the Hunter Biden Laptop story 17 months ago, is embracing a well-deserved victory and has not yet done so. A reporter for the Post this week brought up several related and quite pertinent questions to White House spokeswoman Jane Saki.

Because of his son’s lucrative business dealings with China and Russia, they specifically wanted to know what he had learned about possible conflicts of interest with Joe Biden. Surprisingly, despite these stories being shown across the media spectrum, Saki doesn’t seem to care what the reporter is talking about. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie dismissed questions about the conflict of interest between Russia and President Biden in China – telling the Post he had “no confirmation” …

Post Saki: We have no idea if Hunter Biden received a ton of money from China and Russia.

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