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IndianapolisThe Colts signed their first outing in the 2022 free agency term.

On Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours before the free agency officially launched on Wednesday, the Colts reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with Brandon Fascin.

At the very least, the fascia should be seen as a long cornerback body that will enhance the depth. At higher levels, Fascist could be a potential replacement for Xavier Rhodes.

Colt has some young angles who took a necessary step last year, 27-year-old Fasson is now thrown into a mix as a long, outer corner, Rhodes hits free agency at 31 years old. Veteran TJ Carey is also a free agent this offseason.

In 2018, an undefeated free agent at Virginia Tech, Fason first teamed up with Gus Bradley and Chargers. After playing for Bradley from 2018-20, Fascist then made changes on the Raiders’ finger, joining Las Vegas last October. And now, for the third time in 5 NFL seasons, Bradley and Fasson are together.

Fasson, who stands 6-2 and weighs 197, had a reserve for most of his career (including special team responsibilities), but started 9 games for the Raiders last year.

In coverage, Facyson had a 55.6 full percent approval and an impressive 13 passes last season. He has struggled as a tackler.

Looking ahead to 2022, the Colts still have Kenny Moore, Rock Ya-Sin and Isaiah Rogers still under contract. Fascism is now with that trio, bringing a tempting cornerback body type to Chris Ballard. Fascism is obviously someone whom Bradley, the Colts’ new defensive coordinator, loves.

The Colts didn’t need a cornerback this offseason, but in today’s NFL you can never have enough.

A quartet of Fascists, Moore, Ya-Sin and Rogers seems to be a tough team, although that one team will be tested with the likes of Patrick Mahoms, Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson, Duck Prescott and Derek Carr.

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