When the market pushback starts

This week, the Walt Disney Company, which has an estimated 200,000 employees worldwide, decided to radically change its policy in response to a small group of radical workers. According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney CEO Bob Chapek stubbornly refused to allow his company to get involved in politics in the various states and countries where Disney has done business; He rightly pointed out that the company’s job was to create magic, not to politically bid on a preferred party. Since then, the state of Florida has passed a law that would prohibit the introduction of left-wing views on gender identity and sexual orientation. And all hell broke loose. Senior Disney executives began circulating letters saying the company was opposed to Florida law, which opponents falsely labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (the word gay was never mentioned in the bill). And some employees threatened a walkout if Disney did not rebuild itself in the political position of their choice. So Chepek fell into the cave. He sent a letter to staff saying, “You needed me to be a stronger ally in the fight for equal rights and I disappointed you. I’m sorry.” He then promised an audit tour, the formation of a task force to meet LGBT priorities, and opposed a measure in Texas that would judge children’s genital mutilation or hormone sterilization. The company is also committed to injecting its radical leftist values ‚Äč‚Äčinto content, including “new content for children and families”. According to reports, Disney has even promised to include a lesbian kiss in its upcoming children’s movie “LightYear”. Chapek is caveat because left-leaning corporations do just that: they listen to their furious left-wing party and then parrot them. Instead of giving an correct answer to an employer who is blocked by employees with the threat of a walkout – telling employees to return to work or join the unemployment line – large companies simply surrender. Meanwhile, parents who simply want to entertain their children find themselves in a state of confusion when radical activists design content for their children. To combat this nonsense, those who oppose the hijacking of large companies by the Left must unite – and they must make alternatives. We tried to do this in the Daily Ware. In 2021, Harry’s Razors withdrew their ad from one of our shows, citing a “price confusion.” What exactly was the problem? Our host said that men are men and women are women and sex is immutable. So, we fight back. This week, we launched Jeremy’s Razors, a razor company dedicated to the proposition that, regardless of politics, everyone deserves a good shave. We are here to provide you excellent products for your use. And we will never slap our customers in the face, which is why our motto is simple: “Shut up and shave.” If corporations decide to wake up, there must be competitors who promise to break even. And we hope to fill that void. We just hope others will follow our lead. Ben Shapiro, 38, a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, hosts The Ben Shapiro Show and editor-in-chief of DailyWire.com. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller “How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps”, “The Right Side of History” and “Bullis”.

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