Whether Pato O’Word’s non-commitment to the future is in the indicator or in Formula One – in

Fort Worth, Texas. – A lot has happened in Arrow McLaren SP late last year’s Indica season and now.

McLaren’s Formula One arm Andretti autosport driver Colton Harta has signed a Formula One development deal that added fuel to the fire as Harta finally seeks to land on the F1. Harta has never denied competing in the F1.

Pato O’Word, the main driver of the Arrow McLaren Stable towards the Indicar, also has F1 aspirations, and even McLaren CEO Jack Brown gave an F1 test in Abu Dhabi last year. But Hart’s signature racing community eyebrows have been raised by McLaren, leaving many wondering what will happen next to O’Ward.

“I have a long championship ahead of me,” O’Word said in a non-promising fashion about his future plans. “I really love the group of people I can work with (at AMSP). I’m focused on what I’m doing now and finding out what my future holds. “

O’Ward finished second behind fellow young gunman Alex Palo in the Indica Championship Hunt last season.

RACER Magazine reported earlier this week that O’Ward tended to leave McLaren at the end of the season. Again, some O’Word won’t confirm, but haven’t denied.

“We all have to wait and see what the answer is,” he added. “It’s early in the season to see what’s really happening. But at the moment, I know the season I can give. “

“I think it’s a blip on the radar,” said Taylor Kiel, president of AMSP. “We have already addressed any rumors or otherwise internally. We’re in a good place internally, and I think that’s important to me. “

O’Word said many drivers in his position dream of making it to Formula One at some point, but are keen to stay with Indicar if given the right opportunity.

“I have this passion for motorsport, it started with Formula One,” he said. “I love Indica racing. I think the series is constantly growing. My job is to try and help right now. Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport, but in terms of competition, it’s nothing hotter than Indicar. “

He credits Indica Paddock’s parity as the series is a huge upward swing. O’Word compares his current job situation to a “moving puzzle” and says the best thing for him now is to focus on the future.

This will be Indicar’s next race on Ft’s Texas Motor Speedway. Price won his second double-header race at the Oval last year.

Post Pato O’Word’s first appearance on 93.1FM WIBC, whether on Indicar or Formula One, is uncommitted for the future.

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