White House Spin for Network Spoonfeed Viewers Jackson, GOP Pushback Scratch

On Monday morning, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown revealed Jackson in a White House speech before the Senate confirmation hearing for Jackson, ABC, CBS and NBC began. “Historic Nomination” And the “legal and political gauntlet” up front and the annoyed Republicans are ready to “attack” “Fireworks” That could trigger “A political bounce” For President Biden.

NBC’s Today Gone above and beyond (just like they are Barrett did with the nomination), Tim Biden gave about five minutes for what he wanted to share with the world. Echoing other reporters, co-host Craig Melvin emphasized his “historic” nature when senior Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Hack said he would face “legal and political gauntlets.” “His last job could be an interview.”

Haake then sets the table indicating the Republicans “It’s very polite to express concern about what they claim in the case of child poaching.” As Democrats “Dig[e] President Biden’s first Supreme Court nominee to qualify was Harvard-educated, with nine years of experience as a federal judge and experience as a public defender. “

On information raised by Senator Josh Howley (R-MO) about his humility towards convicted child sex offenders, Hake proudly states in front of a clip of Senator Maggie Hirono (D-HI) that Republicans are disabled. “Sympathy”: “Judge Jackson’s associates are debating claims that could precede the day of the upcoming controversial hearing.”

This part of co-host Savannah Guthrie and White House Chief Correspondent Kristen Welker was even better for Tim Biden. “Preparing for a possible line of attack by Republicans” (Click “Extend”):

Guthrie: We’ve heard some potential lines of attack from Republicans along the law enforcement line. How are Judge Jackson and the White House preparing for it?

Welker: Hi, Savannah. Good morning. Well, Judge Jackson has been preparing for this moment for weeks, we’ve been told, including conducting mock hearings led by the White House Counsel’s Office. He went for a walk through the auditorium on Saturday. Now, officials say she is preparing for tough questions on everything from her position on abortion rights to positive steps and even pressure from some Democrats to put more judges on the bench. Now, his background will also be scrutinized, especially his time as a public defender and he has served in the DC Circuit Court for less than a year. No, as Garrett points out, some Republicans are hinting that they will draw him soft on crime. The White House is already pushing for that, noting that it has the approval of major law enforcement agencies, and that one of its promoters today is Judge Thomas Griffith. He is a well-known conservative lawyer and it really underscores the White House’s strategy to present him as a bipartisan pick.

Guthrie: Some have said, Kristen, it probably won’t be as controversial as the previous hearing. For one thing, it’s not going to change the ideological balance of the court, perhaps the stain is a bit less, but it’s a Supreme Court fight. They are always high

Turning to Jackson’s opponents, Welker offered the curved spin that came as if it had been handed here, say Andrew Bates:

There may be some fireworks at the hearing, Savannah, because there are a number of Judiciary Committee members, including Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Josh Howley, who are optimistic about the 2024 presidency …[T]He further asks, Savannah, if there is some controversial exchange of views, will the president get the political bounce he is looking for from this historic pick and the midterm term is coming very soon?[.]

Things were similarly syrupy CBS Morning Co-host and Democratic Party donor Gayle King tosses to reporter Nicole Killian:

Leaders of both parties say they want to keep things civil, but some Republicans are preoccupied with a line of attack. Nikole Killion is in the hearing room where this is all going to happen. There’s a little Hamilton reference, Nicole, but it’s a house where it’s going to happen.

Dolly Durbin (D-IL), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, along with Howley (click “Extend”) brought a million waters of water for the Senate Democrats as a foil:

Murder [TO DURBIN]: How is it different?

Durbin: Oh, that’s different.

Murder: Illinois Senator Dick Durbin presides over Judicial Committee. [TO DURBIN]: How much pressure do you feel to get this right?

Durbin: I feel something, I’ll be very honest with you. I want to do it the right way. I also think that the committee is not under trial, but the committee is being closely monitored.

KILLION: Republican Josh Howley has indicated he wants to use the hearing after Jackson’s sentencing record.

Hawley [on FNC’s Hannity, 03/17/22]: This is the one who has consistently turned off the hooker, the child sex hunter, the hook.

Jane Pisaki [on 03/17/22]: This attack, which we’ve seen over the last few days, is based on actual error and takes Judge Jackson’s record largely out of context.

Finally going superficial Good morning America On ABC, co-host TJ Holmes expressed frustration “Historic Hearing” As well as “A new Monmouth University is proposed[ing] The Americans support his appointment one by one. “

Of course, one wonders what his name ID really is and if the voters become more aware of his record than the president and his skin-picking president.

Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott was in the auditorium like Killian and even pointed to Jackson’s seat and “The 60 members of the public will also travel in and out … to witness the unveiling of history.”

Scott noted Monday that there would be an opening statement before “an intense interrogation” on Tuesday and Wednesday where “his record will be in the spotlight.”

“The White House already has to defend itself against Republican attacks, claiming that he is softening his stance on crime and attacking his record as a public defender.” He added.

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To see the relevant transcript from March 21, click here (for ABC), here (for CBS), and here (for NBC).

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