Why current and former employees are trashing left-wing propaganda operatives

The Courier Newsroom, according to current and former employees, is a terrific place to work for the billionaire-funded network of democratic campaign websites, posing as legitimate local publications.

The company’s founder and longtime Democratic operative, Tara McGowan, was recently posted as a “soap opera villain” by Glasdor Potre, whose rudderless disability and “constant gaslight” drive workers crazy.

McGowan, a former director who has worked in the courier for more than a year, wrote that “McGowan is” digging into progressive politics again. He’s basically Anna Delvi. Everyone else is paying for it while she’s gripping. ” Another former employee called it the “rule of the progressive political world” and called on potential employees to “stay away.”

Glasdor reviews describe a dysfunctional work environment that is a direct consequence of McGowan’s inadequate leadership. “Company culture is performance unity and a sincere belief in a ‘mission’ that is sometimes seen as a way to excuse a culture that is terribly burning,” wrote a then-associate editor in October 2021. “Courier acts like a melodramatic caricature of the biggest weakness of a media startup put together by rotating staff like spinal tap drummers and empty platitudes.

Several current and former employees have complained that McGowan and other political operatives in leadership positions have “no news background” and are not interested in actual journalism. In contrast, these employees said that “honest journalism” was “actively discouraged” by the “propaganda” which was “only concerned with the progressive left agenda” and the overlapping interests of courier billionaire supporters, including George Soros and the Apple widow, Lauren Powell Jobs.

“Stop lying to yourself and your staff. পেতে Get your story straight. Are you a journalist or a political entrepreneur?” The campaign cites “less informed voters” as its target audience

Of course, many of the courier critics know that McGowan, who previously served as the Democratic director of the Democratic Super PAC Priority United States, was only interested. Pedling Leftist campaign for his wealthy benefactors. Gabby Ditch, a correspondent for Alternative Media Watchdog Newsgard, wrote in February 2020. The Washington Post The op-ed is that McGowan “exploits the pervasiveness of local journalism to create and promote something we don’t really need: hyperlocal partisan propaganda.”

Nonetheless, journalists from such publicly serious publications New York Times McGowan is praised for doing “really necessary work,” as well as his desire to be “an offensive player” in the fight against so-called media confusion. McGowan’s latest venture, Good Information Inc., has a similar mission and has received favorable coverage since its formation in 2021. Good Information, backed by other left-wing billionaires, including Soros and LinkedIn founder Reed Hoffman, recently hired RC Di Mezzo, the former national press secretary for the scandal-ridden Lincoln Project.

Powell Jobs and his investment firm Emerson were not involved in financing Collective Good Information, a firm spokesman said. Washington Free Beacon. Spokeswoman Sunshine Sachs has worked for the well-known “bare-knuckle” crisis PR firm to represent Hollywood rapist and longtime Democrat Harvey Weinstein, as well as hate-crime fraudster and Hillary Clinton donor Juicy Smollett.

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