Why you should seek medical attention after a car accident

According to the CDC, About 3 million people are injured in car accidents in the United States each year. These injuries can range from minor cuts, scraps or whiplash to serious conditions such as spinal cord injuries or trauma.

It is important to seek medical attention after a car accident. But it’s a move that many victims prefer to avoid. They hate going to the doctor, are afraid of the cost, or don’t think their injuries need to be treated, the reasons why they decide not to seek treatment are different. No matter how small your injuries may seem, there is no difference in the importance of seeing a doctor.

If you are injured and avoid taking care or feel that you are not seriously injured, keep reading. We’re breaking down why you should always seek medical attention after a car accident.

Early treatment is key

The days following a car accident can be incredibly stressful. If your car is damaged or damaged, you need to take a rent, schedule a repair, or start shopping for a replacement. You may miss work or school, and you’ll find yourself playing catch-up a few days later. There are endless phone calls to your insurance company, to schedule child care and to find an attorney to handle your case.

You can deal with the emotional toll of the accident yourself.

In the midst of all this, it is easy to stop seeing a doctor, especially if you believe that your injuries are not serious. This is a big mistake.

No matter how minor your injuries may seem, first aid is the key to a successful recovery. Your doctor will not only evaluate your injury, but also recommend treatment. Even a small sprain may need to be referred to a physical therapist for treatment. Minor cuts and scraps should still be taken care of properly, otherwise they may become infected later.

It is also worth noting that the personal injury car accident checklist should be followed carefully to make sure you are not missing an important step.

Your injuries will not be seen right now

Sometimes victims fail to seek medical attention after a car accident because they do not believe they have been injured. While it may be, another possible scenario is that they are suffering from an injury but the adrenaline rush is temporarily masking the pain after the accident.

There are a variety of injuries that may not be immediately apparent after an accident. Cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome, commonly called whiplash, is a condition. In many cases whiplash is secondary. Victims may feel better after an accident, but may wake up the next day with stiff neck and shoulder pain. However, in severe cases, whiplash can cause other complications, such as pinched nerves.

Concussions are victims of other types of injuries that do not realize that they are surviving now. But seeking medical attention after a car accident will give your doctor a chance to catch these injuries and treat them before causing further complications.

You may suffer from hidden injuries

Some common injuries, such as whiplash and concussions, may not be obvious right now. But a few hours later, or even in the morning after the accident, the victim will probably feel pain. This is not the case for all injuries.

Hidden injuries may not cause severe pain for hours or days after the accident. But that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous. For example, a slight pain in your neck that is easy to ignore can actually cause damage to your spine. If not checked, it can cause paralysis.

Your medical records will be important when making a decision

If you are the victim of a car accident, you are entitled to compensation and coverage for your medical bills as well as for your pain and suffering. However, it can be difficult to prove that you were injured in a car accident if you never see a doctor.

Whether you go to the emergency room right now or wait and see your primary care physician, your medical records will be important when it comes time to file your accident attorney’s case. They will present your record to the driver’s insurance company responsible for paying your medical bill. They may also present your record as evidence of your pain and distress when seeking redressal.

Insurance companies often do what they can to avoid paying for losses after an accident. Without proof in your medical record that you sought care for your injuries immediately after the accident, they may claim that your injuries occurred before the accident.

Your medical treatment record may be required for a lawsuit

Medical records are important for more than just making your initial case. If the responsible driver’s insurance company refuses to pay, your records may become the main evidence because your accident attorney helps you file a lawsuit.

Your initial diagnosis records are not the only medical records that may be important during a lawsuit. If your doctor prescribes treatment, such as showing it to a physical therapist and you fail to follow through, the insurance company may use it as evidence why they are not responsible for your pain and suffering.

In addition to documenting your injuries, it is important to follow any treatment that your doctor prescribes. It’s more than just winning your lawsuit; This is the best way to get back to your old feelings and avoid long term pain and complications.

Treatment can affect your long-term health

You can expect that the slight back or neck pain that you were suffering from after a car accident will go away on its own. Even if this pain does not mask a more serious injury, you still need to see your doctor for this pain.

Without your doctor’s intervention, that slight pain can turn into regular, chronic pain. It can affect all areas of your life and can lead to additional medical conditions and injuries. For example, if you notice that you are suffering from neck pain, your posture may be damaged. Over time, this weak posture can also lead to back pain.

Seeking medical care after a car accident

Seeking medical attention after a car accident is important for many reasons. The most important thing is your health. Just because you don’t feel pain at the scene of an accident doesn’t mean you don’t have a hidden injury. Minor pain can actually mask more serious injuries that, if left untreated, can quickly become dangerous.

It is also important to get medical care to get compensation or to seek redress or to file a lawsuit after your accident.

Why you should seek medical attention after a car accident

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