Wiseman of the NY Times took Dame dictation to attack the GOP; Romney in Russia now?

New York Times Reporter Jonathan Wessman is trying hard to portray the Republican Party as extremist or at least hypocritical about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On March 10, he wrote, “Republicans, once harsh Ukraine critics, pivot for strong support.”

Donald J. In the last years of Trump’s presidency, Republicans portrayed Ukraine as an Eastern European wilderness driven by hateful oligarchs and illegitimate politicians, a bad actor who wanted to interfere in American elections, and Joseph R. Biden Jr. made a million dollar channel Son of


Now such voices are fadingSince most of the Republican Party tries to go to the right of history Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine …

That’s it Bar By itself, as we shall see. Weizmann allowed a Democratic senator to play partisan politics with the war.

The Republican Center of Gravity has gone through what Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, and a longtime advocate of the Ukrainian community in his state, called the “change of the sea”. Extend the battle.

Weizmann responsibly received more democratic orders from Blumenthal.

Yet that story apparently did not take off, forcing Weissman to write the same text with a more familiar democratic name on Friday, Friday: “Republicans Once Silent on Russia Ratched Up Attacks on Biden.” After two Republican senators criticized Biden’s previous inaction on Russia, Weissmann reprimanded:

Absent in that analysis was four years under President Donald Trump, during which he repeatedly weakened NATO, sided with Mr Putin’s own intelligence community over Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and sought to bring Russia back into the fold of a developed economy.

This next paragraph now looks even more biased, given that Bar Finally, Hunter acknowledges the reality of Biden’s laptop and the contents:

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson also visited the Kremlin. Hunter then launched an investigation into Biden in Ukraine, which warned Democrats that he was acting as a carrier of Russian confusion..

Are Republicans the only ones who are biased?

Democrats argue that such criticism shows just how united the Republican Party is in tearing apart its opponents.

Weizmann found another well-known democratic face:

“Republicans have failed to attack Joe Biden in times of national crisis.” Senator Christopher S. Murphy says Connecticut Democrats …


At the other end of the spectrum, Senator Mitt Romney, a Utah Republican, Offers a more comprehensive historical analysis.

“I hope we’re arming Ukraine more than we are, but it’s not just Biden, it’s true for Trump and before that,” said Mr Romney, who warned of a Russian threat during the 2012 presidential debate.

Apparently, the Bar Russia is trying to move to the “right side of history” because it ridiculed Romney, its then-candidate, for its Russia concerns in 2012, at least when he was criticizing incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama.

Weissman is actually associated with an old one Bar Richard Opel Jr.’s article criticizes Romney’s sudden wisdom:

Mitt Romney’s recent announcement that Russia has raised eyebrows and made matters worse for America’s top geopolitical adversary, many Democrats, some Republicans and the Russians themselves, all of whom suggested that Mr. Romney was mistaken for a Cold War mentality.

A March 2012 Bar The editorial was even worse:

Even two decades after the end of the Cold War, Mitt Romney still sees Russia as America’s “No.” 1 Geopolitical enemy. ‘ His comments show a striking lack of knowledge about international affairs or just tempting politics. Either way, they are reckless and unworthy of a major presidential rival.

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